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TESLA EV rinka 2020 m. EV įkroviklių paklausa didėja


TESLA„EV Market“ 2020 m
EV įkroviklių paklausa didėja



Tesla Model 3 has been performing well since its launch. The latest data shows that this model will account for 72% of Tesla's full-year shipments 2020 m, and occupy 12% of the entire EV market. It has been the best-selling EV for the third consecutive year.

Nešiojami EV įkroviklisbus labai geras namų įkrovimas visoms EV transporto priemonėms.


„Tesla“ „Model 3“ išleido 2017 m., O jo standartinė versija kainuoja 35 000 USD. Tuo pačiu metu bendrovė nesileidžia į kompromisus dėl dizaino, teikdama vartotojams pakankamą kreiserinį diapazoną ir eksploatacines savybes. Nuo tada „Model 3“ buvo populiariausias „Tesla“ modelis, jis taip pat tapo populiariausiu pasaulyje elektromobiliu. Kritiškiau kalbant, šis modelis taip pat tam tikru mastu skatina visuotinį perėjimą prie tvaraus transporto.



„EV Sales Blog“ Pasaulyje perkamiausias „EV Top20“ sąrašas


According to data from EV Sales Blog, an electric vehicle sales tracking agency, global electric vehicle sales reached 3.124 million 2020 m, and Model 3 has dominated the global EV market for the third consecutive year, with a market share of 12% and sales of 365. 240 vehicles.


The EV Sales Blog stated that Tesla Model 3 topped the list for the third time in a row on the final EV sales rankings 2020 m, and it has greatly distanced itself from other models. There is no real competitor yet. It looks like this car may win the championship for the fourth time in a row in 2021, which will be the same as the record of Nissan Leaf. The latter won the title of the world's best-selling EV in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016.


This year, Tesla also delivered the best results in history under the joint promotion of Model 3 and Model Y. Model 3 is undoubtedly the biggest contributor. According to the production and sales data released by the company, Tesla delivered a total of 509,737 vehicles 2020 m, of which Model 3 and Model Y totaled 454,932, accounting for 89% of its annual deliveries.


Data from the EV Sales Blog shows that Model 3 accounted for 72% of Tesla's full-year sales 2020 m, which means that nearly 3 out of every 4 vehicles sold this year are Models. 3. However, as Model Y's production capacity in China continues to increase, coupled with the Berlin Giga will also start delivery later this year, this crossover is likely to reduce Tesla's total market share. However, as sustainable transportation is more widely used globally, market demand for electric vehicles will continue to grow, and Model 3 sales are not expected to be affected.